Icebreaker — HCI Spring 2022 Final Project

Design Process

Initial sketches for app interactions
Higher fidelity Figma Screen Interactions
Color Palette and Mood Board


Game Loop Flow Chart


  • Players would be apt to play the game with acquaintances in a similar age range
    – If questions were more “chaotic” or intimate, then close friends as well.
    – If questions were more professional, then coworkers or those meeting for the first time as well.
  • Some introduction between players is necessary or every guess becomes completely blind. Better with individuals most people know.
  • The game is effective in getting to know others at a surface level, but discussion should be emphasized further to enhance the intent of the game.
  • The UI is effective but bland. Would benefit from color palette or themes; color-coding players/question categories; character limit on names; include question above names on mobile; two-column layout of names on mobile.
  • The game may benefit from user-generated questions, additional questions and categories, and special point opportunities
  • Keeping the game on mobile web as opposed to a downloadable app helps user retention due to storage concerns and lack of use sentiment.


Repl connection issues on mobile during user testing
Repl 404 Connection Error





Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Austin. Hook Em'

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Vishal Tak

Vishal Tak

Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Austin. Hook Em'

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